Automation Technology


  • Central hardware and software configuration which is uniform throughout the system with an engineering system with integrated configuration for field devices and safety-related applications

  • Avoid errors and save time: The integrated database makes data entered once available throughout the system and eliminates redundant entries

  • Technology-oriented configuration with pre-configured and tested function blocks that are graphically interconnected

  • Uniform look & feel: Central dialog for compiling and downloading all AS, OS and SIMATIC BATCH changes with execution check

  • Online download of selective configuration changes to the corresponding system components minimizes the time required

  • Integrated user management and access control for maximum security of your data

  • Process object view as central development environment for display and processing of all aspects of process tags/objects

  • Shortening of the engineering phase due to different types of shared configuring – multiproject engineering with Branch & Merge

  • High-performance version management with version comparison and version history

  • Integrated engineering workflow with COMOS planning tools

Reduction in engineering and validation requirements through:

  • Advanced Process Library with function blocks, faceplates, icons, and process tag types

  • Process object view with import/export function for all aspects of process tags/objects

  • Type/instance concept with central change option for all instances

  • PAA for the integrated engineering between planning tool and PCS 7 with efficient mass data engineering

  • Central updating of all block types used in a multiproject

  • Numerous automatic configuration steps (auto engineering)

  • Simple duplication of units by copying, renaming and compilation

  • Automatic generation of the diagnostic screens for the Maintenance Station