Power Supplies

An efficient power supply is a basic requirement for operating any plant, no matter the industry or need. Critical processes can only be maintained if a constant power supply of the necessary quality is available for the automation system. SITOP has proven its value in the automation world over many years, and guarantees a reliable power supply with a complete and precisely coordinated range of products – especially suited to the growing demands of our time.
Using various SITOP add-on modules, the power supply system can be expanded flexibly to the point of all-round protection. It is important to note that every power supply system failure can shut down a plant and cost a great deal of time and money. With SITOP, these failures are a thing of the past.

SITOP advantages for process automation:

High availability: Reliable 24 V DC supply with SITOP

  • very high MTBF values of up to over 1 million hours

  • redundant setup of power supply using SITOP redundancy module

  • buffering of power supply using SITOP DC-UPS modules

Universal Application: Flexibility for manifold applications

  • Comprehensive certification package, e.g. ATEX, IECex, shipbuilding, etc.

  • Wide temperature range of -20 …+70 °C

Scalability: SITOP individually adaptable to plant configuration and expansion

  • 1- or 3-phase 24 V DC power supplies with different output powers

  • 24 V DC supply in redundant or buffered setup

Learn more: www.siemens.com/sitop