The globally proven fieldbus can be used in all substeps of the production processes and across all process steps. With over 47 million installed devices, PROFIBUS DP is the most widely used fieldbus in the production and process industry.
PROFIBUS PA is one of the leading fieldbus technologies in the process automation. The commissioning and the operation of the plant are simplified by the digitalization and the integrated diagnostics.


Information from field devices such as pressure and temperature transmitters and from level and flow meters is of great significance in process automation.

PROFIBUS PA is based like FOUNDATION Fieldbus on the same physical bus characteristics. SIMATIC PCS 7 relies on both systems to allow free selection of the field devices. Thus, the best-suited field device can always be used for the automation solution.

Compared to conventional 4-20 mA technology, PROFIBUS technology offers fundamental advantages, e.g. with regard to simple and cost-saving topology, bidirectional communication, extensive information options, and standardization of the device functions and diagnostic functions. DP/PA couplers or DP/PA links are used for supplying power and for adapting the transmission rate from PROFIBUS DP to PROFIBUS PA. The SIMATIC AFD product family is available for setting up the fieldbus systems. In particular this includes the SIMATIC AFDiSD with activated Extended Fieldbus Diagnostic (EFD) provides physical layer data for the PROFIBUS PA installation.
The SIMATIC PA link collects and analyzes these data and provides the detailed segment information and diagnostics as per NAMUR NE107 to the engineering station or the maintenance station.

Use of the fieldbus technology based on PROFIBUS PA

  • Integrated digital communication down to field level permits the transmission of additional diagnostic information

  • Fast commissioning through user-friendly loop checks and PA Profile 3.02

  • Increased availability due to flexible architectures and redundancy options

  • PROFIsafe for safety-relevant applications according to IEC 61508/11

  • Calculation for the explosion protection certification is omitted by Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept (FISCO model)

  • Several process values via one channel
    - Greater measuring accuracy (one-time A/D conversion) and drift-free transmission, greater flexibility, less space required by channels freely used as AI or AO

  • Reduction of I/O control cabinet and dispensing with marshaling/distribution control cabinet, trunk cable, and field distribution board
    - Less space required and greater flexibility, reduction of wiring and simplified planning