The globally proven fieldbus can be used in all substeps of the production processes and across all process steps. With over 47 million installed devices, PROFIBUS DP is the most widely used fieldbus in the production and process industry.
PROFIBUS PA is one of the leading fieldbus technologies in the process automation. The commissioning and the operation of the plant are simplified by the digitalization and the integrated diagnostics.


The PROFIBUS DP fieldbus enables the communication between SIMATIC PCS 7 automation systems (controllers) and the distributed I/O devices of the ET 200 series. In addition, it is also compatible with other remote I/O systems and with field/process devices, CPUs/CPs and operator terminals that feature a PROFIBUS DP interface. With the aid of a fieldbus isolating transformer and the RS 485-iS transmission technology, PROFIBUS DP can be operated as an intrinsically-safe fieldbus in potentially explosive environments up to Ex zone 1 or 21. Within the ET 200 series, the ET 200iSP is available for this purpose.

Electrical and optical transmission technologies offer a variety of configuration options for PROFIBUS DP networks. Electrical networks can span up to approx. 10 km. In the case of optical transmission technologies, the total range of the network is limited only by the runtime due to the virtually loss-free optical transmission.

PROFIBUS DP can be either configured singly or redundantly. Distributed I/O devices are connected via two interface modules to two redundant PROFIBUS DP strands of a high-availability automation system, while intelligent field devices on PROFIBUS PA are connected via a redundant DP/PA link with two interface modules. Using a Y-Link, non-redundant PROFIBUS DP devices can also be operated on a redundant PROFIBUS DP.