Batch Automation

The SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system offers a solution for all requirements of discontinuous production: Use the SIMATIC BATCH software package to implement even the most complex batch processes effectively and at reasonable costs.


  • SIMATIC BATCH can be used either as a single-user-station solution or as a client/server system. Modular architecture with flexible scalability (hardware and software) means:
    - Optimum adaptation to plant size and individual requirements
    - Minimised expansion costs

  • Sequential function chart engineering provides a flexible modeling of the equipment phases and equipment modules according to ISA-88.01.

  • For Client-Server-Systems, it is possible to edit recipes separately from the engineering system.

  • A redundant design of the batch server increases availability and prevents loss of batch data. Batch data are synchronized automatically.

  • Integrated recipe editor with graphic user interface for simple, intuitive creation and modification of basic recipes and library operations

  • The Batch Control Center (BatchCC) gives you the option to manage the data relevant for SIMATIC BATCH via graphic user interface.

  • SIMATIC BATCH supports plant-neutral recipes for simpler recipe management and validation as well as hierarchy recipes to ISA S88.01 for recipe creation in process engineering.

  • Extended planning function: Use the optional package Batch Planning to plan batches for a number of production runs in advance.

  • Saving, archiving and comprehensive reporting of batch data in Process Historian

  • Simple importing and exporting of master recipes, formulas and library objects

  • SIMATIC Logon for central user management and authentication as well as "Electronic signature" for release of basic recipes, formulas and library objects

  • Comprehensive validation support
    - Compliant to FDA 21 CFR Part 11
    - Audit trail (modification logbook)
    - Versioning of recipes, recipe operations and formulas
    - Central user administration with access protection and electronic signature