Upgrades without downtimes: Freedom from interruptions applies to the upgrading of the system expansion card (SEC) that regulates the performance dimensioning of the CPU 410 according to the automation task. In this way, you can not only ensure uninterrupted operation during expansions, but also save on investment costs: You can now adapt the performance of your controllers precisely to the task at hand at any time and without interruption – without having to allow for the usual safety reserves.

In the future, anyone who wants to benefit from the extended range of functions of new block versions, for example, will no longer have to restart their automation systems. When using the new SIMATIC PCS 7 CPU 410-5H Process Automation, updates of individual block types are performed on the same uninterrupted basis as the importing of plant expansions, such as the adding of a motor.

The essential point of the modular systems is the SIMATIC PCS 7 controller. The innovative SIMATIC PCS 7 CPU 410-5H Process Automation is the currently fastest and most powerful controller for process automation and on top it contains redundant PROFINET Configuration and Field Interface Security. It’s a master of flexibility and can be optimally adapted to suit every need. With this CPU, the rugged automation system AS 410 covers the complete range of standard, fault-tolerant, and failsafe automation systems, according to the specific requirements.

Its automation performance can be very flexibly dimensioned via the number of SIMATIC PCS 7 process objects (PO). Even if the job definition changes, it's easy to change the use of the automation system at any time, and expand it to meet requirements.