Standardized blocks for motors, valves, controllers, and monitoring tasks are used for easy implementation of automation and process control solutions. The function block types organized in libraries are the smallest standardized software modules. Their use ensures a uniform design and contributes significantly toward minimizing engineering workload as well as project costs. In addition, their use has a positive effect on the balance sheet not only in terms of configuring and commissioning time: Lower maintenance costs make for more economical operation for years to come.

Two I&C libraries are integrated in the standard engineering software of SIMATIC PCS 7:

  • Advanced Process Library (APL), which is installed as standard

  • SIMATIC PCS 7 Standard Library, which can be installed later if required (e.g., for compatibility reasons).

In addition, the SIMATIC PCS 7 Advanced Process Graphics (APG) library contains graphic objects for optimizing process visualization in overview screens. The APG support the task-oriented structure of plant hierarchies and screens. They are optimized for use in combination with the APL, but can also be combined with other libraries.