The design and configuration of the SIMATIC PCS 7 Management Console can be flexibly adapted to meet your requirements and the size of your plant. Essentially, the following cases are relevant:

Small to medium-sized plants

For small and medium-sized SIMATIC PCS 7 plants, the Management Console can be installed and operated on a PCS 7 engineering station. This is an economical and effective solution and corresponds to the different duties and responsibilities in the "personnel union"

Large to very large plants

A Management Console as a separate workplace is typical for large and very large plants. This fits in with the duties and responsibilities of the various users. The hardware basis for such an exclusive Management Console is provided by industrial workstations with the single-station or server design.

Network of multiple plants

In the plant network, you manage and support multiple plants from a central location/department via a Management Console, in accordance with the duties and responsibilities of the various users and the structure and organization in your company.