SIMATIC PCS 7 system inventorying

General inventorying of installed hardware and software components of your SIMATIC PCS 7 application from a central location provides the following advantages, for example:

  • Quick analysis of the installed components for preparation for replacement actions or upgrades

  • Easy creation of up-to-date "as built" system documentation as a detailed inventory report

The system inventorying spans all levels of your SIMATIC PCS 7 plant: company management level, control level and field level. It covers all SIMATIC PCS 7 system components on these levels, e.g. SIMATIC PCS 7 workstations, industrial Ethernet switches, automation systems (controllers), remote I/Os, links, field devices, drives, etc.

SIMATIC PCS 7 system inventorying implies:

  • Central acquisition of inventory data by reading it from the database of the SIMATIC PCS 7 engineering system or directly from the components

  • Generation of an inventory report in Excel format

  • Creation of a license certificate in the form of a list of installed and actually used software licenses (based on company-wide licenses)

Customers are even better supported due to innovations in the SMMC. Electronic transmission of the inventory data to the "iBase" service database ensures that the stored data is complete and correct.