Your process control system includes numerous heterogeneous components with specific parameters and settings. It is also subject to a dynamic change process due to updates, upgrades, modernization and expansion. As the plant gets older, it becomes more difficult for you to keep track of the current state of hardware and software. This is where the SIMATIC PCS 7 Management Console comes in – it helps to minimize the administrative work for your SIMATIC PCS 7 plant and immediately provides the current status of the installed hardware and software components at the press of a button.

The core functions of the SIMATIC PCS 7 Management Console are:

  • Centralized, standardized administration of your SIMATIC PCS 7 software

  • Inventorying of all installed hardware and software components of your SIMATIC PCS 7 plant

The Management Console supports the different users in your company according to their duties and responsibilities:

Plant operators

  • Central plant view of your SIMATIC PCS 7 plant

  • Upgrades of your plant during runtime

IT administrators

  • SIMATIC PCS 7 update management

  • Security management

Service technicians

  • Fast analysis of installed components, e.g. for replacement actions


  • Investment planning based on the inventory data

  • Budget planning for company-wide licenses