Central administration of SIMATIC PCS 7 software

The central administration of the software versions of all stations of your SIMATIC PCS 7 plant significantly reduces your administrative work. The Management Console provides you with support for new PCS 7 installations, updates and service packs. The software can be installed on an individual target station or on multiple target stations in parallel. The installation on the target station does not require active participation of the user. Thanks to the upstream security mechanisms, unintended adverse effects to productive operation can be prevented.

Setup management:

  • Provision of SIMATIC PCS 7 installation files on dedicated file servers or combined on the SIMATIC PCS 7 Management Console

  • Addition/removal of SIMATIC PCS 7 setups in the central setup management of the SIMATIC PCS 7 Management Console

  • Creation of pre-configured setup packages based on plant-/user-specific aspects (e.g. OS client package)

  • Rollout of pre-configured setup packages to target stations

Status monitoring of the target stations:

  • Check on the target station for installation readiness by determining and displaying the operating state (e.g. OS Runtime active/inactive, redundancy mode)

  • Implicit, remote disabling of a station in preparation for the start of a SIMATIC PCS 7 update installation

  • Status monitoring of the entire SIMATIC PCS 7 installation (e.g. resumption of the installation after restart or network interruption)

  • Implicit, remote enabling of a station after completion of a SIMATIC PCS 7 update installation

Central administration of distributed automation plants places high demands on security to ensure that proper operation of your production plant will not be affected. Therefore, the SIMATIC PCS 7 Management Console uses encrypted communication with the individual components and is based on the Windows security mechanisms, for example user management with different users and defined access rights.