Process Historian

Thanks to SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Historian – our highly efficient archive and reporting system – you gain valuable information from the supposedly unconnected historical and ongoing process data of your plant. Both archiving and plant-wide accessing in realtime enable rapid decisions to be made based on assured data – producing greater productivity and lower costs.


The relational Microsoft ® SQL Server database management system is a reliable and protected database platform for Process Historian. The data storage is not generally compressed. Users can directly access the stored information via the SQL database. Moreover, an open system is involved, i.e. data can be read and written via standard database interfaces such as ODBC, OLE DB and ADO.NET.

The information server provides the data from the SQL database with the aid of the Internet Information Service. As such, process values, messages and batch data can be combined, evaluated or diagrammatically shown. Based on the Microsoft Reporting Services, IS web-based Thin Clients enable historical data to be accessed. Microsoft Word and Excel Add-ins provide additional scope for accessing Process Historian's data stock.