Process Historian

Thanks to SIMATIC PCS 7 Process Historian – our highly efficient archive and reporting system – you gain valuable information from the supposedly unconnected historical and ongoing process data of your plant. Both archiving and plant-wide accessing in realtime enable rapid decisions to be made based on assured data – producing greater productivity and lower costs.


  • Realtime archiving of process values, messages and SIMATIC BATCH data

  • Non-complex reporting based on the Microsoft Reporting Services

  • Meaningful consolidation and aggregation of data into valuable information

  • Target group-specific output – periodically and requirement/event-oriented

  • Generation of either classic or dynamic reports e.g.
    - Downtime reports and alarm summaries for maintenance purposes
    - Material deployment reports
    - Consumption data and energy balances
    - Efficiency reports of the different production lines

  • Data can be out-sourced onto customary external storage media and re-inputted