• The maintenance station can be used stand-alone – independent of the automation or control system or its version

  • The maintenance station is designed for small to medium-sized projects (up to 500 field devices)

  • The maintenance station can be used in large plants – in multiples for plant sections or for field device groups

  • All field devices that are integrated into the device description library of SIMATIC PDM can be monitored. They are integrated using device description files (DD/EDD technology) or device description packages (FDI technology)

SIMATIC PDM MS is the first choice when it comes to the service and maintenance of intelligent field devices, and is used in a wide range of industries. By referencing SIMATIC PCS 7 and SIMATIC PDM, the maintenance station reaches out to customers in process industries – including the chemical, pharmaceutical and water/wastewater sectors.

Smart field devices are also employed by other manufacturing industries. Thanks to its independence from the automation system and its application as a stand-alone maintenance station, SIMATIC PDM MS is also predestined for use in these industries.