As a single station, the SIMATIC PDM MS consists of hardware – a pre-installed SIMATIC IPC 427E Microbox PC – as well as software and function licenses. Using TAG licenses, the number of field devices to be monitored can be individually adapted up to a maximum of 500 field devices. The number of field devices to be monitored can be flexibly increased by using multiple stations.

  • Innovative hardware platform

  • Product bundle: start up and go

  • Support from a single source

SIMATIC PDM MS utilizes the functions of the proven process device manager, SIMATIC PDM, a universal, non-proprietary tool for the configuration, parameter assignment, commissioning and monitoring of smart field devices. SIMATIC PDM provides diagnostic, condition and parameter data to SIMATIC PDM MS.

In SIMATIC PDM MS, the information from SIMATIC PDM is prepared and supplemented, for example, by features such as overview/work progress lists, overview/segment/detail screens, status reports, parameter data archiving and global/device-specific message lists, as well as cyclic functions for reading and exporting field device information. In doing so, the diagnostics data is acquired automatically and cyclically.

Engineering of the SIMATIC PDM MS

  • SIMATIC PDM MS is connected directly to the plant bus in production plants with SIMATIC automation stations. It communicates via the automation stations with the field devices of the underlying fieldbus systems.

  • Even if it is not integrated into a SIMATIC PCS 7 project, it can utilize the existing infrastructure of a SIMATIC S7/PCS 7 project. A separate network to the field devices can also be set up, when direct access is not possible.