SIMATIC PDM MS makes your business decisions easier

The more production data are available and usefully evaluated, the easier it is to make business decisions. We cyclically read out every device described per EDD/DD/FDI and bring the data into the cloud.
The system utilizes a standardized XML data interface for the data provision and transfer.

  • Ease of use

  • Automatic data collection and diagnostics

  • Easy data evaluation

  • Effective device management

  • Clear presentation of the device diagnostics

  • Support for servicing, commissioning and loop checks (measurement circuit test)

SIMATIC PDM MS relies on international standards and increases your scope of action

The use of standardized DD/EDD/FDI description technologies enables the integration of field devices of various manufacturers and types. The use of international standards and specifications (NAMUR, PI and FCG) with regard to data collection enables automatic and cyclic condition diagnostics via the maintenance station – uniformly for each integrated field device described by DD/EDD/FDI. SIMATIC PDM MS is open to well-known standardized communication types, including PROFINET, PROFIBUS DP/PA and HART, and thereby creates a high degree of flexibility for the service and maintenance of your field devices.

  • Free selection and integration of field devices

  • Unlimited number of field devices through the use of multiple maintenance stations (scalability)

  • Uniform notification concept for all field devices, regardless of type and manufacturer

Easy and familiar operation of SIMATIC PDM as a product of the SIMATIC PCS 7 product family

SIMATIC PDM MS is a compilation of components (HW/SW) of the product family SIMATIC PCS 7 and the SIMATIC PCS 7 Maintenance Station. As a SIMATIC PCS 7 user, you benefit from a familiar tool landscape and uniform functions.

  • Same look & feel for all MS stations; use of the same tools within the product family

  • Superior usability for all field devices thanks to a consistent look & feel like SIMATIC PCS 7

  • Minimized training effort thanks to uniform operation and management, as well as functions for engineering, operations management and service

  • Convenient use of the SIMATIC PCS 7 support