Device parameters and functions for all supported devices are displayed uniformly and independent of their communication connection. With respect to device integration, SIMATIC PDM is the most high-performance open process device manager on the global market. Devices previously not supported can be easily integrated into SIMATIC PDM at any time by importing their device descriptions (EDD) or device description packages (FDI). This provides security and saves investment, training and follow-up costs.

PROFINET enters the field level

PROFINET is an open and manufacturer-independent Industrial Ethernet standard and represents maximum transparency, open IT communication, network security and simultaneous real-time communication. With SIMATIC PDM, it is possible to process field devices with PROFINET communication interfaces or field devices with other communication interfaces that communicate via PROFINET proxies, remote I/O stations or link modules.

Example include:

  • The SIMOCODE Pro motor management system as PROFINET field device

  • With SIMATIC PDM, it is now possible to configure field devices that are connected to the SIMATIC CFU (Compact Field Unit) distributed I/O via PROFINET. PROFIBUS PA field devices that are connected to the CFU via PROFINET can be processed or configured using SIMATIC PDM

  • The SIMATIC ET 200SP HA remote I/O station makes it possible to process connected HART field devices

  • The IE/PB PN IO-Link makes it possible to process PROFIBUS PA field devices that are connected to the CFU via PROFINET

In addition to PROFINET, SIMATIC PDM also supports other communication types, such as PROFIBUS DP/PA, HART, FF, Modbus and Ethernet, and is thus optimally tuned to the various applications in production plants.

Effective bulk operation – only Siemens can do this

Another highlight of SIMATIC PDM is the bulk operation feature. Operators can now use it create a worklist from various functions for many field devices that SIMATIC PDM executes independently and partly in parallel. Uniform tasks or work steps can now be applied to multiple field devices at the same time. The possibilities even extend to running several functions in sequence for a corresponding field device. This increases performance and saves time and money.

Bulk operations can be executed for the following SIMATIC PDM system functions:

  • Reading and writing device parameters

  • Diagnostics update

  • Exporting and importing functions

  • Setting and resetting project-specific write protection

With SIMATIC PDM, it is very easy to transfer individual parameters of a field device to any number of field devices of the same type. This saves time and is very effective.

FDI host

SIMATIC PDM is ready for the future. As an FDI host, SIMATIC PDM can now also process field devices that are described in the new standardized FDI integration technology (Field Device Integration). In SIMATIC PDM, the integration, processing and display of field devices described via FDI device description packages take place similarly to the integration technologies used to date. For the user, this ensures seamless transition to this new and innovative technology – without the need to replace field devices already in use or having to change their device descriptions or adapt automation projects. Customer benefit from investment protection of their existing plants.