Process device network view

This is the typical hardware view when using SIMATIC PDM stand-alone. Here, the communication paths for the computer on which SIMATIC PDM is installed are configured down to the process devices. The communication paths and gateways are represented as a network tree structure. Redundant networks and field devices can be processed.

Hardware project view (HW Config) (integrated into SIMATIC PCS 7 / SIMATIC S7)

This is the typical view when using SIMATIC PDM integrated into SIMATIC PCS 7 or STEP 7. Process devices are configured and assigned parameters within the hardware configuration wizard (HW Config) of SIMATIC PCS 7 / STEP 7.

Process device plant view

This is the central view for processing field devices for stand-alone use of SIMATIC PDM.  The devices configured in HW Config or the process device network view are automatically adopted in the process device plant view and displayed in tabular form with a lot of additional information. In this view, individual field devices can be processed and bulk operations performed for any number of field devices. Numerous system functions of SIMATIC PDM are available in this view. They enable efficient and quick processing of field devices.

Portal view

The SIMATIC PDM portal view is an image of the process device plant view optimized for use on mobile SIMATIC PDM clients in a SIMATIC PDM client/server application. The portal view provides a clear depiction of all field devices with information about them for the service technician. The portal view is the central entry point for the mobile processing of the field devices directly on-site.

Parameter view

The parameter view is the processing view for the individual field devices. Within a uniform basic structure specified by SIMATIC PDM, all information and parameters of a field device are displayed based on the device description supplied by the field device manufacturer, and can be changed by the operator. All online functions, process value displays or recording functions contained in the device description can also be used in the parameter view. In addition, a number of SIMATIC PDM system functions are available for each field device, regardless of type and manufacturer.