SIMATIC PDM enables you to diagnose, manage and assign parameters to a wide range of field devices from different manufactures using a single program with a uniform user interface. Process device data can thus be easily set, modified, checked for validity, managed and simulated.
SIMATIC PDM can be used in a variety of different scaling levels:

Technical functionalities

  • Device management and device replacement management

  • Setting and modification of device parameters

  • Device comparison (offline/offline + offline/online)

  • Comparison of reference and actual parameter assignment

  • Simulation

  • Diagnosis

  • LifeList

Engineering functionalities

  • Export and import of network structures

  • Data export with network information from the Engineering Station to particular PDM Server in order to build the local or central PDM Service-Stations

  • Server-Client Architecture: Plant-wide access to every field device via web standard browser

  • Expanded Device Integration Manager supports creation of project-specific device libraries

  • Management of device descriptions

  • Logging functions, e.g. change log

Integrated examinations and checks

  • Engineering Station independent loop checks for parameterization and functional scope test of field devices on the decentralized PDM Service-Stations

  • Commissioning functions, e.g. measuring circuit tests of process device data

  • Verification of input validity

Further processing of data

  • Provision of type and diagnostic information for the Maintenance Stations