SIMATIC PCS 7 Maintenance Station

Area of application

The Maintenance Station is based on the Plant Asset Management and enables preventive and predictive diagnostics, maintenance, and service of the production plant. In parallel with process control, the Maintenance Station makes available consistent maintenance information and functions for all system components (assets). While the plant operator obtains all relevant information that is necessary for focused intervention in a process via the operator system, maintenance and service personnel can check the hardware components of the automation system and process their diagnostic messages and maintenance requests. The Maintenance Station not only provides the information that a fault exists but provides detailed guidance to the maintenance personnel so that necessary corrective or preventative action can be performed.
The Maintenance Station provides the maintenance engineer access to:

  • Electrical components in the plant, such as intelligent field devices and I/O modules, field bus, controllers, network components, and plant bus, as well as servers and clients of the operator systems

  • Mechanical assets, such as pumps, motors, centrifuges, heat exchangers, and closed-loop control circuits, which are represented by proxy objects in which the diagnostic rules are stored


  • Reduction of the unplanned downtime

  • Homogeneous integration of the Plant Asset Management into the process control system SIMATIC PCS 7

  • Faster access to detailed information starting from the plant overview screen

  • Plant-wide display of diagnostic and maintenance status, including mechanical assets

  • Simple, intuitive operation without time-consuming training

  • Uniform visualization of all assets

  • No additional effort for asset management configuration

  • No additional hardware or software tools required for the maintenance of the plant

  • SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Asset Management increases plant availability and minimizes the total cost of ownership

Design and functions

  • Use of hardware and software components of the engineering system and operator system

  • Can be implemented as a SIMATIC PCS 7 single station or as a client-server combination

  • Representation of diagnostic data of all assets with uniform faceplates whose functions and information depend on the components

  • Conformity to international standards, specifications, and recommendations

  • Diagnostic information can be displayed online both on the Web server and on Web clients, and maintenance information can be forwarded via LAN, SMS, or e-mail

  • Automatic complete documentation of all activities without additional configuration effort