Diagnostics of Motors

Diagnostics of Motors with Motor Management System SIMOCODE pro

Area of application

SIMOCODE pro has been specifically designed for use in Smart Motor Control Centers (MCC) for the process industry and power plants, and provides the protection and control of motors and pumps.

The SIMOCODE ES Premium software can directly be integrated into the SIMATIC PCS 7 system. With the integrated object manager, SIMOCODE ES can be directly called up from SIMATIC PCS 7. This means easy and uniform configuration and parameterization of devices throughout the S7 system.


  • With the PCS 7 library SIMOCODE pro, SIMOCODE pro can easily and in a user-friendly way be integrated into the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system.

  • The PCS 7 library SIMOCODE pro contains the diagnostics and driver blocks that correspond with the diagnostics and driver system of SIMATIC PCS 7, as well as the necessary operator control and monitoring elements (symbols and faceplate).

  • Parameterization of devices from a central engineering system via PROFIBUS-DP is also possible with the SIMATIC PDM (Process Device Manager).

  • Further advantage: via the PCS 7 library, SIMOCODE pro can be integrated without any additional overhead both into SIMATIC PCS 7 Maintenance Station and SIMATIC PCS 7 powerrate

Design and functions

  • Multifunctional, solid- state full motor protection which is independent of the automation system

  • Flexible software instead of hardware for the motor control

  • Detailed operational, service and diagnostics data

  • Energy management capability

  • Integration in PCS 7 using standard library and function blocks

Operating and statistics data permit condition-based maintenance

  • Motor operating hours/downtimes/number of operating hours

  • Number of motor startups/of overload trips

  • Internal comments stored in the device

  • Last trip current

  • Number of unsuccessful starts

Diagnostics data for corrective maintenance:

  • Detailed warnings and fault messages are sent to SIMATIC PCS 7 maintenance station

  • Internal device fault logging

  • Time stamping of freely selectable status, alarm and fault messages

  • Value of the previous tripping current

  • Feedback error (e.g. no current flow in the main circuit following ON control command) etc.