Automation Technology

Diagnostics of Mechanical Plant Components

Diagnostics of Pumps with SIMATIC PCS 7 PumpMon function block

Area of application

 Typical Application Examples

  • Pumps that fail more frequently than the average

  • Pumps that are in danger of cavitation, e.g. in water/wastewater sector

  • Pumps where chemical fouling occurs

  • Pumps that are operated in another way than initially planned

  • Pumps that show unaccountable variations in power consumption

  • Applications where the designated behaviour and performance of pumps is to be proven


The integration of Pumps into Condition Monitoring and SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Asset Management by means of function block PumpMon allows a preventive maintenance.

Your benefits are:

  • Sustainable cost reduction

  • High plant availability

  • Minimizing of unplanned shut down

More over the integration of Pumps into SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Asset Management provide a basis for Performance Monitoring and increase efficiency, reliability and productivity of a production plant.

Design and functions

The function block PumpMon can be used for electrically driven centrifugal pumps with both constant.

The function is applied to:

  • provide warnings against potential pump damage due to unfavourable operating conditions (blockage, dry run, gas conveyance, cavitation, overload, incorrect direction of rotation)

  • provide early detection of developing pump degradation (wear and tear, decreasing pump efficiency)

  • optimize pump design over the long term by means of statistical analysis of the operating data and load profiles. This way, potentials for energy savings can be detected.

The solution for monitoring and diagnosis of centrifugal pumps with SIMATIC PCS 7 function block PumpMon based on an intelligent combination and logical interpretation of measured process values which are (mostly) already available in the DCS, in contrast to high-end condition monitoring systems based on dedicated additional sensors, e.g. vibration sensors or structure-borne sound sensors.