Diagnostics of Industrial PC

Area of application

SIMATIC Industrial PCs are rugged industrial PCs for automation solutions in 24/7 operations. Due to their high system availability, they are used in SIMATIC PCS 7 PCS 7 Distributed Control Systems as operator or maintenance stations and also as engineering stations or OPC servers.


The SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor supports fast detection and efficient avoidance of potential system failures:

Design and function

The SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor and signaling software recognizes possible hardware and software faults at an early point in time, and provides corresponding messages to the Maintenance Station.

All SIMATIC Industrial PCs of a production plant can be centrally monitored using the DiagMonitor software. Using the integrated web server, data can be read and managed using an Internet browser. Efficient service structures can be established by integrating automated communications facilities, e.g. using Ethernet, e-mail or SMS (phone).

The SIMATIC PC DiagMonitor reports the operating data of the monitored PCs by generating text messages. It transmits them to the SNMP OPC server and outputs them in the associated asset faceplate on the maintenance station.

Complete Maintenance Life Cycle of Industrial PC: