Diagnostics of Drives

Area of application

The drive systems are incorporated into the Maintenance Station using Drive ES PCS 7. Drive ES PCS 7 allows Siemens drives to be controlled using SIMATIC PCS 7 with standard function blocks, and operation and monitoring using faceplates in the operator station.

Maintenance with Drive ES PCS 7 can be shown using the example of a mixer drive: the material to be mixed slowly deposits on the stirrer. The stirrer was previously cleaned at pre-defined intervals to ensure its availability. Using the new functions in the maintenance station, cleaning can be carried out only when required.

Drive ES SIMATIC PCS 7 generates a corresponding maintenance display for the Maintenance Station. The mixer can then be cleaned as required. It is also possible to record the frequency of cleaning requests to derive process optimization or predictive maintenance scenarios. Maintenance can therefore also be optimized for moving plant components, with associated increases in plant availability and productivity.

The components automatically signal when maintenance is required. An example is a medium-voltage converter such as SINAMICS GM150. In this case, a differential pressure transmitter determines the degree of contamination of the dust filters and alerts the operator.

In the water-cooled version, the analog conductivity measurement continuously checks the mode of operation of the ion exchanger, and provides an early signal when its capacity is diminishing. The filters for air cleaning and the pumps for water cooling are equipped with operating hour counters that alarm you when maintenance needs to be performed


  • Easy parameterization and commissioning of drives with SIMATIC PCS 7

  • Faster reaction of the operator when a failure occurs

  • Higher plant availability due to integrated diagnostics of drive systems into Maintenance Station

Design and functions

Drive ES PCS 7 enables Siemens drives to be controlled via SIMATIC PCS 7 and operated and monitored in the Operator Station. The Drive ES PCS 7 faceplates make all the relevant data for plant operation available on the operator station.

Drive ES PCS 7 provides all drive data relevant to the SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Asset Management for display on the Maintenance Station.

For parameterization, commissioning and detailed diagnostics of the drive, it is recommended that you also use Drive ES Basic on the engineering station.