Basic functionalities in SIMATIC PCS 7

  • Flexible und clearly arranged trend displays

  • Message system with different views

  • Comprehensive archive functions

  • Consolidation functions (e.g. average generation)

  • Standard displays (e.g. faceplates for PACs, ...)

  • Web access to Power Management functions

Energy Management with SIMATIC powerrate

  • Standard Add-on product for PCS 7 / WinCC

  • Transparency of energy distribution

  • Display of the load profile

  • Configurable reports and export of the consumption data (for cost centers, batches, duration curves)

  • Measured value display and monitoring of SENTRON PACs

  • Status representation and remote switching of breakers


Basic functions in SIMATIC PCS 7 and advanced features in SIMATIC powerrate are used to compress data and create transparency of all energy consumption.

Optimize energy utilization

Well-designed, optimized energy usage helps to reliably avoid costly consumption peaks and fully exploit untapped resources. SIMATIC powerrate makes it possible to actively monitor power limits with integrated load management. PCS 7 standard blocks calculate a continual consumption forecast using a running 15-minute average and compare this with specified limits. Based on this, for example, you can selectively switch off consumers to smooth large peaks and comply with the contractual limits made with energy suppliers. Loads can be quickly dropped in unstable supply networks, to continue operation of selected, critical plant components with the remaining supply line.