Diminishing resources, rising prices, increased sensitivity to environmental issues; the efficient use of energy is more important today than ever before, especially in areas with high consumption. Using intelligent power management together with energy-efficient components can easily optimize energy management in process plants and significantly reduce operating costs. Take advantage of systematic, scalable solutions: from basic power monitoring to complete, integrated energy management with transparent visualization of consumption, originator-based allocation and automatic load management.


Efficient Load Management with SIMATIC powerrateTarget:

  • Avoid exceeding set power limits

  • Ensure adherence to contractually agreed upon conditions

  • Better procurement conditions by reduction of energy peaks

Efficient Load Management with SIMATIC powerrate by:

  • Warning/alarm message, if excess usage is expected

  • Autom. Load Management through start / stop of electrical loads

  • Priority list for stop / start of loads (alternating at same priority)

  • Consideration of max. / min. OFF / ON times

  • Time-triggered high / low tariffs

Controlled mode

Frequency converter

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    Energy Recovery

    • Intelligent use of valuable braking energy (not wasted through heating)

    • Installation of frequency converter with regenerative feedback into the line supply

    Realize: Potential energy optimization measures

    • In the field: for example, use of energy efficient motors, automatic operation of frequency converters including energy recovery - homogeneously integrated into SIMATIC PCS 7

    • On the operational level: for example, monitoring of limits, automatic load management by connecting and disconnecting consumers