Diminishing resources, rising prices, increased sensitivity to environmental issues; the efficient use of energy is more important today than ever before, especially in areas with high consumption. Using intelligent power management together with energy-efficient components can easily optimize energy management in process plants and significantly reduce operating costs. Take advantage of systematic, scalable solutions: from basic power monitoring to complete, integrated energy management with transparent visualization of consumption, originator-based allocation and automatic load management.


Maximum transparency through consistent, uninterrupted data acquisition

The energy data measured by intelligent sensors and actuators are collected by SIMATIC PCS 7, processed and finally saved in the standard PCS 7 archive. The information is visualized on operator stations and additional analysis can also be performed. The combination of energy data and process data in the same system allows simplified calculation of energy specific production data.

Identify: Multifunction measuring instruments, low-voltage switching devices, circuit breakers and motor control centers provide energy data to SIMATIC PCS 7. Non-electric energy, such as water, gas, heat or compressed air can be recorded with appropriate field devices and included in the energy consumption analysis.caption

Originator-based representation of consumption data

In addition to determining and visualizing the consumption data, powerrate allows you to graphically compare and efficiently process data, thanks to its open interfaces and export function. Using predefined Excel macros, energy consumption and costs can be tracked to the originator, enabling you to compare and analyze consumption and costs, and identify potential energy savings.