Diminishing resources, rising prices, increased sensitivity to environmental issues; the efficient use of energy is more important today than ever before, especially in areas with high consumption. Using intelligent power management together with energy-efficient components can easily optimize energy management in process plants and significantly reduce operating costs. Take advantage of systematic, scalable solutions: from basic power monitoring to complete, integrated energy management with transparent visualization of consumption, originator-based allocation and automatic load management.


  • Reduction of operating costs through increased transparency of energy flows, usage-based cost allocation and automatic load management

  • Optimum synergy effect through seamless integration of energy management in the end-to-end Totally Integrated Automation concept: Reduced engineering requirements, uniform data storage, application security due to certified and compliant system components

  • Comprehensive solution for reducing energy costs by optimizing both the energy consumption and the energy procurement

Coordinated portfolio for integrated energy management:

  • SITRANS process instruments for measuring liquid and gaseous media - for non-electric energy

  • Communication-capable SENTRON 3VL / 3WL circuit-breakers, SINAMICS and SIMOCODE pro motor management or ET 200S and Sirius 3RW44 motor starters provide energy consumption data automatically via Profibus

  • PAC 3200/PAC 4200 power monitoring device for measuring energy values of electrical feeders or individual consumers

  • SIMATIC powerrate for measuring and calculating energy data, faceplates, and report templates as well as for automatic load management

  • SIMATIC PCS 7 PowerControl for integration of medium-voltage switchgear and inclusion of its energy data in holistic energy management

  • Energy management system b.data offers enhanced functionality all the way to a company-wide energy portal

  • SIMATIC PCS 7: Asset management, APC solutions for process optimization and energy savings on the technological level