Intelligent energy management from Siemens: Three steps to a continuous increase in energy efficiency for plants

Creating transparency and identifying potential savings, which can be cost-effectively realized with selected products and solutions– that's intelligent energy management from Siemens.
The collection and recording of consumption data, and the visualization of energy and media flows in the company are key aspects and the basis for higher energy efficiency. If you want to save energy, you first need to create transparency. This needs to include all forms of energy (electricity, gas, steam, compressed air, heat, cold, etc.). Only when you know where, how much, and what type of power is being used can you estimate the savings potential and technical effort required to obtain it.

Scalable solutions for SIMATIC PCS 7 enable efficient energy management with maximum flexibility. Even today, a wide variety of Siemens products communicate electrical parameters such as current, voltage and power factors, including circuit breakers (SENTRON), frequency converters (SINAMICS) and motor starters (ET 200S). All other (energy) consumers can be integrated in PCS 7 through multifunction measuring instruments, for example, through the SENTRON PAC series. Data display can be configured with standard PCS 7 tools. This makes it easily to implement basic power monitoring.

Complete, integrated energy management is only possible if the relevant process information is acquired automatically and made available in a suitable form. The software add-on SIMATIC powerrate, for analysis and evaluation of energy flows, supports the workflow and automates reporting. The software package is available to provide an efficient and optimized energy management system with originator-based allocation of energy costs and transfer into the accounting system. This extends the transparency up to the corporate management level.