SITOP smart


SITOP smart 高性能标准电源,适合带有 24V 或 12V 电子元件的自动化机器和系统。它不仅外形紧凑,还具有出色的过载特性。其容量可达额定电流的 1.5 倍并持续 5 s/min,从而能够可靠连接需要较高功率的用电设备。同时,这种紧凑型电源单元的额定容量可达 120%,在同类产品中最为可靠。

为进一步提高可用性,SITOP smart 电源单元还可与直流 UPS、冗余和选择性模块结合使用。


  • 设计紧凑、尺寸小巧,无需在周围预留空隙

  • 提供“额外功率”,允许高达 1.5 倍额定电流的瞬时过载并持续 5 s/min

  • 可在高达 45 °C 的环境温度下以 120% 额定容量持续工作(24V 型号)

  • 提供“输出电压正常”信号指示触点,可轻松集成到系统监视中

  • 高效率意味着控制柜中具有低功耗、低发热的优点

  • SITOP PSU100S:120/230 VAC 自动范围切换

  • SITOP PSU300S:3AC 400 – 500 V 宽范围输入

  • 输出电压可调,用于补偿压降

  • -25 至 +70 °C 的宽温度范围

  • 全球范围内所有标准应用的全面认证(例如 cULus、ATEX、cCSAus Class1 Div 2、GL)

New: SITOP PSU300S 24 V/5 A and 10 A

The standard product line SITOP smart has been extended with a 5 A power supply and a 10 A version for smaller power demands on 3-phase systems. The new SITOP PSU300S with a 5 A rated output current and a width of only 50 mm can be mounted on a DIN rail. The width of the 10 A variant has been reduced by 20 mm to 70 mm.

Their high efficiency of up to 91% for both power supplies generate only a small amount of heat in the control cabinet. The devices have a 3-phase input range of 340 VAC to 550 VAC, that reliably ensures an output of 24 volts, even if there are large fluctuations in the supply voltage. The extra power of 1.5 times the rated voltage for five seconds makes it possible to carry loads with high power requirements.

The international certifications such as ATEX, IECEx, and GL as well as an ambient temperature range from -25 to 70 °C mean they can be used in diverse industries around the world.