Energy-efficient SITOP Power Supply

Make considerable energy savings thanks to a high level of efficiency and minimal no-load losses

Smaller, lighter, more accurate and efficient: with the SITOP range, we can offer you regulated power supplies that provide a whole host of benefits in comparison to their unregulated counterparts. In addition to providing a more accurate output voltage and more efficient AC to DC conversion, SITOP primary synchronized power supplies also have a significantly high level of efficiency, thereby making them all the more impressive.

Our three-phase SITOP PSU300M 24 V/20 A and 40 A power supply units possess an efficiency level of 93% thanks to their sophisticated circuit technology. This feature reduces heat development in the switch cabinet while also helping you to make considerable energy savings. Minimal losses are another excellent feature of the SITOP power supply units' extremely compact design.

Thanks to the new energy-efficient SITOP compact power supplies, you can benefit from a high level of efficiency at nominal power and across the entire load range, as well as minimal no-load losses.

High level of efficiency across the entire load range

The high level of efficiency exhibited by the SITOP PSU100C across the entire load range helps you to make energy savings of up to 28%*.

Power supplies for industrial applications are generally designed to work at their maximum load — to switch on capacitive consumers, for example. During operation, these power supplies predominantly work within a load range of 30–70% of the nominal power; this depends on the type of process (switching on motors, sensors or actuators).

* Average value based on comparable devices on the market

Minimal no-load losses

Thanks to its particularly low no-load loss rate, the SITOP PSU100C helps you make energy savings of up to 53%*.

Power supplies are not generally used in 24-hour continuous operation throughout the entire year. Instead, individual consumers or system parts can be switched to a type of stand-by mode during non-production time to save energy. The SITOP compact product line for the lower performance range is ideal for this task. In addition to its extremely compact design, this product line stands out from the rest of the crowd mainly due to its minimal energy consumption.

* Average value based on comparable devices on the market