With Sitop, Siemens offers finely scalable, reliable power supply solutions, from a standard power supply unit up to redundant supply with redundant DC UPS or versions with selective monitoring of multiple 24 V branches. The extensive range of concepts extends up to a fully integrated, communication-capable system for the digital factory of the future. more
In addition to high reliability and easy integration into the automation environment, efficiency is a core requirement of any 24 V power supply. A holistic consideration of the total cost of ownership includes not only energy consumption, but also the processes, from procurement and configuration all the way to commissioning. more
Advanced modular 24 V power supply systems open up potential savings in conveyor technology because they enable DC motors and actuators to be deployed very flexibly with high energy-efficiency. This is made possible by the new functions of a power supply system. more
Extremely reliable, efficient, and easy to integrate in the respective automation environment, these are the core requirements for 24V power supply units. In this context, efficiency does not simply refer to how much power is consumed during operation. more
In highly demanding production processes, an outage or interruption of the 24-V direct-current power can significantly affect operations and result in considerable damage and expense. The new Sitop PSU8600 power supply system can be flexibly configured in TIA Portal. more
Seamlessly integrated into the automation of the manufacturer, a new, modular, expandable power supply becomes a system solution more than ever before. more
A new expandable modular integrated power supply system for the first time fully integrates itself into the automation world of the manufacturer. Profinet communication opens up new functionality, providing substantial more flexibility, reliability and efficiency from engineering to commissioning. more
To achieve high productivity of automated plants and machines, a reliable 24-V power supply is absolutely necessary. An electronic Sitop selectivity module reliably monitors 24-V load circuits and eliminates unwanted impacts on the used power supply. more
With high functionality and three interface versions, the first network-enabled uninterruptible 24V DC power supply (DC UPS) covers the requirements of a wide variety of applications with optimal cost-whether in island mode, in PC-based Industrial Ethernet networks or in integrated Profinet structures. more
In modern machines, all electronic components are fed by a common 24 V switching power supply. At the same time, however, a selective protection is demanded – so that a malfunction at one component does not immediately bring the entire machine to a standstill. more
Easy selection of basic components. This is the motto of the new “Selection Tool” for power supplies. In just a few intuitive steps, it quickly guides even beginners to the destination: by means of property filters and comparisons or direct selection to the online order or order list. more
In a PC-based automation solution, the industrial PC as well as an uninterruptible power supply – e.g., for the safe shutdown of the PC during a power outage – need to be considered, among other things. more
With SITOP compact, Siemens has realized a new series of industrial power supplies that is second to none in terms of minimum space and energy requirements. more
In the search for potential savings to be realized by industries, the cost of energy is becoming an increasingly important factor. more
Uninterruptible 24 V DC power supply (DC UPS) as a system solution: The direct integration in Industrial Ethernet or Profinet structures ensures data consistency and transparency. The Energy Storage Link provides the backbone for intelligent battery management. more