SITOP Power Supplies in Design SIMATIC

The Optimal Power Supply for SIMATIC S7 and More

Regarding design and functionality, the original power supplies of the SIMATIC integrate optimally into the PLC network.  As well as the following SIMATIC systems, they also supply other loads reliably with 24 V DC.


You can find additional information and ordering options for the individual SITOP in Design SIMATIC products here.

The TIA Selection Tool also supports you in selecting your product.

SIMATIC PM1507 24 V/ 3A and 24 V/ 8 A

  • The optimal load power supply for the SIMATIC S7-1500

  • Direct installation on S7-1500 system rack without lateral clearance to other modules

  • 120/230 V AC automatic range switching

  • Slim design with width of 50/75 mm

  • 50% "Extra Power" for 5 seconds per minute for short-term overloads

  • Easy product selection in TIA Selection Tool

Design S7-1200

Design S7-1200

The compact PM1207 power supply in SIMATIC S7-1200 design is only 70mm wide and requires little space in conjunction with the micro PLC. The automatic area switchover function of the DIN rail-mounted power supply unit 24 V DC/ 2.5 A ensures problem-free connection to 1-phase networks 120/230 V AC in industrial and residential areas. It can be mounted on DIN-rail or via screws.

Design S7-300

Design S7-300

The new power supplies now require even less space on the S7 rail and range switching to single-phase 120/ 230 V AC systems now takes place automatically. The connecting comb to the CPU is included in the scope of supply; an optional adapter allows the unit to be snapped onto DIN mounting rails.

SIMATIC ET 200SP PS power supply

SIMATIC ET 200SP PS power supply

  • The optimal load current supply for SIMATIC ET 200SP

  • Extremely flat design and therefore suitable for installation in control cabinets with a depth of 80 mm

  • Support in energy management and for diagnostics with help
    - the current monitor for permanent diagnostics of the load current
    - LED display for reliable recognition of the operating state
    - the signaling contact for "Output voltage o.k." for easy integration into plant monitoring

  • Support during commissioning and maintenance with the option
    - to disconnect individual load circuits
    - to switch 24 Volt on and off (e.g. for isolated swapping of distributed I/O modules)
    - to compensate for voltage drops in long cable lengths

Design SIMATIC ET200pro

Design SIMATIC ET200pro

The power supply SIMATIC ET200pro PS in degree of protection IP67 is used for the electronics/sensors and load voltage supply of the I/O device and it has a signaling contact for “24 V DC o.k.“ and „Overtemperature“ as well as a second connector for looping through the input voltage.