You can spend a long time looking for the right power supply... Or simply find it the easy way:
SITOP Selection Tool

The SITOP selection tool shortens the time it takes to find a suitable solutionand supports your PLM process right from the start. That’s because the SITOP selection tool let you not only select your power supply but now also find the matching uninterruptible power supply (DC UPS) based on capacitor or battery technology.

You can order the selected products easily via the Siemens Industry Mall. And you’ll also receive further product information such as product data sheets, 3D data, or circuit diagrammacros for fast and easy project planning.

+ Fast and intuitive product selection

Power Supply selection

The appropriate parameters can be selected step by step based on just a few technical characteristics. The Sitop Selection Tool displays the relevant products immediately. Changes to the selection parameters are possible at any time.

DC-UPS selection

After entering the key parameters such as buffer time or load current with a click of the mouse, the relevant capacitor or battery systems and their respective performance features are displayed. For the ultimate in handling convenience, the tool adjusts the possible input ranges of other parameters dynamically depending on the input, whereby changes to the selection parameters are possible at any time.

As additional support in the product selection, you can compare several products based on their technical data or DC UPS configurations on the basis of their performance features. For the display of the technical data, you can select between all data, all identical data or all different data. To simplify the comparison, you can choose to show or hide certain data which is relevant for the selection

+ Easy and direct ordering

The selected products or product configurations can then be entered in the product list. You can export this list into various file formats, such as PDF or Excel, or take it over directly in the Industry Mall shopping cart and order there.

+ Everything for configuring, designing and documenting

You can directly retrieve and save additional product information about the selected products from the list, such as product data sheets, certificates and operating instructions, but also CAx data such as 2D and 3D data and circuit diagram macros. In this way it takes only a few clicks to get all the data you need to easily integrate the selected products into your planning and configuration process.

Select your SITOP power supply or your DC-UPS now