Redundancy modules for doubling system availability

SITOP redundancy modules provide additional protection against failures of the 24-V DC supply. Because the two power supplies are decoupled via a redundancy module, the remaining power supply doesn’t feed into the failed power supply. The redundancy module continually monitors the feeding power supply units and when one unit fails, automatically switches to the other. In addition, a signal is sent via a signaling contact that can be evaluated by a controller, PC, or control system, thereby safeguarding the 24-V DC supply.

Configuration with redundancy module

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Highly secure 24-V DC supply thanks to a redundant design

  • Reliable supply even when one power supply fails

  • Compact redundancy modules for power supply units up to 40 A

  • 24-V DC/NEC class2 redundancy module limited to 100 W

  • Diagnostics signals via LEDs and signaling contacts

  • Adjustable switching threshold for LEDs and signaling contacts

You can find additional information and ordering options for the SITOP redundancy modules here.

SITOP PSE202U redundancy module

SITOP PSE202U NEC CLASS 2 redundancy module

SITOP PSE202U 10 A redundancy module