Buffer module bridges brief power failures

Power failures usually last only for fractions of a second – however, they can cause time- and cost-intensive damage to sensitive production areas. Used in combination with SITOP modular power supply units, the buffer module bridges short-duration voltage dips with its electrolytic capacitors and reliably preserves interruption-free operation. A reliable power supply is the basis for every manufacturing process, every plant and ensures reliable interruption-free operation.

SITOP DC UPS modules offer protection against longer power failures. Reliable 24 V is provided by the maintenance-free DC UPS with capacitors for up to several minutes, and by the DC UPS with battery modules for up to several hours.

Configuration with buffer module

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Fast and easy DIN rail mounting

  • Connection to the basic module with only 2 lines

  • Protection against short power failures

  • Buffering time 100 ms to max.10 s, depending on load current

  • Multiplication possible using parallel switching

  • Lengthy power failures are bridged by the DC UPS

You can find additional information and ordering options for the SITOP buffer module here.

SITOP modular buffer module