Customized Power Supplies

The Right One for You: Individual World-Standard Power Supplies

Sometimes the "least expensive" solution turns out to be the most expensive one. Especially for average quantities of power supplies. Often only standard devices are considered and these do not meet specifications. This costs additional time and money since the devices may have to be customized retroactively or special manufacturing becomes necessary.

SITOP power: Reliability without risk

We develop according to your individual requirements - tailor-made, fast and reasonably priced. The power supply integrates into your system - not the other way around. And you save lots of time and money. No more trouble and there's absolutely no risk involved.

Your individual power supply created from standard modules

At the heart of our concept are pre-developed standard modular elements of the primary switched-mode power supply. Using a computer-supported expert system, we are able to configure your specific power supply very efficiently. In contrast to conventional development, our concept makes solution of this task faster and more economical.

Maximum development reliability and flexibility

Standard pre-developed components offer a maximum of development reliability. Thanks to the fine-modular structuring of the power supply, a very wide variety of models is available. Not only concerning the electrical parameters but also the physical features.

Wide variety of applications for key technologies

The variety of applications is wide. Typical industrial areas of use include industrial automation, measuring technology, electronics, or mechanical and apparatus engineering. Our customized power supplies meet all relevant international standards. They can handle almost all the world's power networks, and offer the proven reliability and efficiency of SITOP.

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