SITOP in the
TIA Selection Tool

Select the suitable power supply
quickly and easily – via the
Device series or the
24 V DC Power consumer view

Selection via
“Device series”

In the TIA Selection Tool, select the SITOP power supply units necessary for your project under Device series. Various SITOP product lines are available for selection. A Device wizard shortens your path to the suitable power supply – simply enter your technical requirements and the tool shows a tailored display of suitable devices.

Your benefits:

  • Product lines with explanation of the main features.
  • Product comparison based on technical properties is possible.
  • When the SITOP PSU8600 power supply system is configured, its maximum configuration is automatically taken into account.

Device series – Selection steps at a glance

1. Select the device series: SITOP power supply.
2. Select the power supply: based on technical properties or via the product catalog.
3. Select add-ons: add redundancy and/or selectivity modules via “Accessories” (not for PSU8600).
4. Configure SITOP PSU8600: Select the basic device and add required output expansion and/or buffer modules.

1. Select the device series: SITOP power supply.

After you open the TIA Selection Tool, you can select a device series under “New device.” The “Power supply” device series offers you the 24 V DC power supplies for the SITOP compact, LOGO!Power, SITOP lite, SITOP smart, and SITOP modular product lines including SIPLUS variants and SITOP PSU8600 (with the system configuration via “Configure”).

2. Select the power supply.

You can select the suitable device either via the product catalog or based on technical properties input voltage, output current, or environmental conditions. Use the “Compare” function to compare selected products based on their technical properties. The tool displays properties that are the same and different. You can export the comparison as a PDF file.

3. Select add-ons.

Once you have selected a power supply, you can add suitable redundancy and/or selectivity modules from the product catalog via “Accessories.” This applies to all power supplies except for the PSU8600 power supply system.

4. Configure SITOP PSU8600.

You configure the SITOP PSU8600 power supply system when you select the basic PSU8600 device. To do so, click “Configure” to open the product range of add-on components for the respective basic device: The CNX8600 expansion modules and BUF8600 buffer modules are selected via the product catalog. The maximum possible combination of expansion and buffer modules is automatically taken into account in the system.

Selection via “24 V DC Power consumer view”

In the 24 V DC Power consumer view of the TIA Selection Tool, you can quickly and easily select the suitable SITOP power supplies for already selected automation products such as SIMATIC S7, SIMATIC HMI, or SCALANCE.

Your benefits:

  • Intuitive assignment of 24 V DC loads including external loads to a SITOP power supply by dragging.
  • When you select the power supply, necessary rated and peak currents are automatically calculated.
  • Create a redundant version via mouse click.

24 V DC Power consumer view – Selection steps at a glance

Display all selected 24 V DC loads.
Quickly connect with the loads.
Click “Edit” to select the power supply.
Copy the selected power supply to the project.

1. Display all selected 24 V DC loads.

After starting the 24 V DC Power consumer view, you see an overview of all 24 V DC loads that you have already selected in the TIA Selection Tool for the project. The respective rated and peak currents for the consumer are shown in the “Details” field. For configurations such as the S7-1500, the “Details” information field provides a detailed view of the current calculation with intrinsic and load consumption. In addition, information messages remind you that a load power supply has not been connected yet. You can add further loads.

2. Quickly connect with the loads.

Click “New power supply” to create an unspecified power supply. You can quickly connect it with the desired 24 V DC loads individually by dragging or with all loads at once by right-clicking and selecting “Connect.” The total of the required output currents is automatically determined, displayed in the “Details” information field, and taken into account when another suitable power supply is selected. The “Edit” button opens the selection field for a suitable power supply.

3. Click “Edit” to select the power supply.

Only devices that deliver the total required current for the loads to be supplied are displayed here. In addition, you can define parameters during the selection process: reserve for additional loads, coincidence factor, input voltage, product line, redundancy. Click “Copy” to copy the selected power supply and, if applicable, the suitable redundancy module to the total order list. You can make subsequent changes at any time.

4. Copy the selected power supply to the project.

The suitable power supply has been selected and added to the project and the product list. The tool indicates this with a green check mark.

In the “Details” information field under “Properties” of the power supply, the tool now displays a table with the parameters relevant to the selection including target and actual values and current reserves for additional loads in the “Difference” column. You can click “Edit” to change the selected power supply at any time. In addition, you can connect additional loads.

TIA Selection Tool – Selection assistance and configurator for your automation technology

With the TIA Selection Tool, you can select, configure, and order SITOP power supplies and other devices for Totally Integrated Automation. It provides you with wizards for selecting the desired devices and networks. In addition, it offers configurators for selecting modules and accessories as well as for checking the correct functioning. The TIA Selection Tool generates a complete order list from your product selection or product configuration. You can export this list directly to the Industry Mall shopping cart or the CA 01 shopping cart.

Good reasons for the TIA Selection Tool

  • You can quickly, easily, and reliably select, configure, and order components from the entire TIA portfolio.
  • Smart selection wizards ensure error-free orders.
  • Required modules, devices, and networks are generated automatically and clearly compared with each other.
  • You reduce design time by 80% ‒ thanks to the simple application.

Download the TIA Selection Tool here as a file or start it directly in the Siemens Industry Mall.

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