COMOS Walkinside Asset VR

COMOS Walkinside Asset VR category helps the owner operators to create static environments to be used during the daily operation over the entire asset lifecycle.

Right from the design phase, where owner operators are involved in providing feedback based on Accessibility Design reviews or Safety Design reviews, COMOS Walkinside Asset VR is used to easily and intuitively walk through the engineered 3D project without the need for complicated engineering tools.

If the 3D project also has intelligence attached to it, the owner operator can easily use the 3D model as a color-based dashboard to quickly analyze the system status at any time during the asset lifecycle.
Its intuitive navigation allows COMOS Walkinside to be used for the planning phases of commissioning, maintenance operations, daily tasks such as inspections, or alarm mitigation, etc. It helpsthe planning team make sure that all required points of view, including the surrounding areas of interest, have been taken into account. Thus they can make better, faster, and safer decisions without having to visit the asset.

Your Benefits with COMOS Walkinside Asset VR:

  • Faster project execution, commissioning and ”time to market“ through improved collaboration

  • Cost savings through consistent plant information available at all times

  • Higher plant availability

  • Safe and efficient plant operations