COMOS Mobile Solutions

Design & functions

The demand for engineering software for mobile plant engineering continues to rise. The popularity and prevalence of mobile devices is also increasing in plant operation and management. Especially easy to use apps made for a specific application are important.

Apart from the immediate availability of information and scalable data management, easy access to and exchange of data are becoming very important. There is a particular requirement for low-cost options for the effective and efficient integration of external users, such as subcontractors, into projects.

These external stakeholders require access to key data and also plant or project documents. In addition, engineers frequently have to view engineering data and documents and edit them quickly at the construction site during the planning of a plant project.

An external stakeholder can easily enter relevant project data in COMOS in the area he is authorized for. Thus ensuring efficiency and security

The web server-based solutions in COMOS provide the user with easy access to this information by means of various browsers. Particularly in large-scale and globally structured projects, the COMOS Web solutions offers the possibility to optimize effective and efficient collaboration along the entire value creation chain, as it provides suppliers the opportunity to upload documents or edit data directly into COMOS. Furthermore, a clear visualization of project status and KPIs on Dashboards or an integrated task management contribute to efficient collaboration in projects, while the stakeholders benefit from time and cost savings.

Clearly visualized overview of projects and KPIs with the COMOS Dashboard function

With the COMOS iPad app, the revisioning and management of documents is secure anytime and anywhere – even offline. The app is intuitive to operate and has several functions that make it suitable even for stakeholders who are not used to working with COMOS.


  • Location independent and mobile access to COMOS data and documents

  • Efficient work while traveling, at meetings or within the plant

  • Intuitive GUI, easy-to-use and clear navigation

  • Improved options for global collaboration

  • Significant cost and time savings