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Configuration of multitouch gestures

Siemens offers the SIMATIC Panel PCs and SIMATIC Industrial Flat Panels optionally with displays for operation with multitouch. The visualization can be configured, for example, with the TIA Portal.

SIMATIC IPC - Integration in the TIA Portal

SIMATIC industrial PCs can be easily integrated in the TIA Portal network configuration. This enables finely graded network diagnostics during commissioning as well as during operation.

Multi-touch operation for Industrial Use? - Things you should consider!

Intuitive system and machine operation with multitouch gestures is right on trend. What is to be considered with their use in industrial environments?

SIMATIC IPC - IPC Remote Management

How can service and maintenance for industrial PCs be implemented without costly personnel deployment on-site?

SIMATIC IPC - WinAC Target for MATLAB / Simulink

Save valuable time by utilizing the virtual models created with Matlab or Simulink directly in actual systems.

SIMATIC IPC427D - Hands on

Microbox PC SIMATIC IPC427D is set apart with high service-friendliness and multiple mounting options.

SIMATIC Industrial Thin Clients: Configuration of connections

The new SIMATIC Industrial Thin Clients offer higher performance, high-resoluted widescreen TFT displays and a performant communication via Ethernet/PROFINET interface with Gigabit support. For the connection the following protocols are available:

SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor - Monitoring of SIMATIC IPCs from everywhere at any time

The SIMATIC IPC DiagMonitor diagnostic and signaling software is the perfect tool for SIMATIC industrial PCs for a fast detection and efficient prevention of potential plant failures. It facilitates an early minimization of downtimes and reduces resulting costs by means of preventive measures.

SIMATIC IPC - Image and Partition Creator

Data backup and recovery is of particular importance in industrial environments, specifically for system availability

SIMATIC Rack PCs as industrial servers

Rack PCs for demanding industrial server applications:
The durable 19-inch industrial PCs SIMATIC IPC647C and 847C are available with an array of options for demanding industrial server applications, ensuring improved system performance and availability as well as data security.