Getting Started

The quick entry into PC-based automation

PC-based Automation: Order Process (1)

Part 1: Order Process (Configuring and ordering an embedded bundle in the Siemens Industry Mall)

PC-based Automation: Initial Configuration (2)

Part 2: Initial Configuration (Setup and initial configuration of an embedded bundle)

PC-based Automation: Licensing (3)

Part 3: Licensing (License transfer to the embedded bundle)

PC-based Automation: Autostart Behavior (4)

Part 4: Autostart Behavior (Adapting the startup behaviour of WinAC)

PC-based Automation: Data Management (5)

Part 5: Data Management (Defining retentive data areas)

PC-based Automation: Hardware Configuration (6)

Part 6: Hardware Configuration (Using the basic project in STEP 7)

PC-based Automation: STEP 7 Programming (7)

Part 7: STEP 7 Programming (Programming of a PC-based controller just like a modular controller)

PC-based Automation: OPC Server (8)

Part 8: OPC Server (Configuring the OPC server in the basic project )

PC-based Automation: Loading into the Device (9)

Part 9: Loading into the Device (Loading of the basic project into the device)

PC-based Automation Remote Desktop Connection (10)

Part 10: Remote Desktop Connection (Remote access of the embedded bundle)

PC-based Automation: WinAC User Interface (11)

Part 11: WinAC User Interface (Getting to know the control and diagnostic components of WinAC)

PC-based Automation: Enhanced Write Filter (12)

Part 12: Enhanced Write Filter (Protecting against unwanted write access and assuring system robustness)

PC-based Automation: Data Backup (13)

Part 13: Data Backup (Back-up of the embedded bundle settings and user data)

PC-based Automation: Data Recovery (14)

Part 14: Data Recovery (Restoring of embedded bundle settings and user data)