Constant innovation of our industry PCs ensures that you can always rely on the latest technology with our machine and plant

SIMATIC Nano IPC - Versatile applications in manufacturing and beyond

For universal installation in machines, control cabinets, the fan-free embedded devices from Siemens are available in Box PC and Panel PC formats. The Embedded Industrial PCs SIMATIC IPC227E and IPC277E enable particularly flexible and compact handling of the most diverse tasks, e.g. Measuring, open-loop control, closed-loop control, and testing of process and machine data.


SIMATIC high-end IPCs

Rugged and powerful for optimal availability

SIMATIC IPC647D & IPC847D - Rack PCs for demanding applications

Maximum reliability and availability with the high-end SIMATIC Rack PCs minimize the downtime of your production.

SIMATIC High-end IPC - High Functionality and Ease of Servicing

Next generation technology for superior performance and scalability, combined with excellent service features - the box and panel PCs SIMATIC IPC627D, IPC827D and IPC677D help reduce service time for maintenance and expansion.

SIMATIC IPC547E - Multi Monitoring and System Highlights

Maximum performance, visualization with up to 5 displays and high system availability with the new SIMATIC IPC547E

SIMATIC IPC - SIMATIC PC-based Automation

Siemens' PC-based automation technology allows for a combination of control and visualization tasks, as well as fault-secure functions on a single device.

Fanless embedded IPCs with 3rd Generation Intel Core i7 processors

The SIMATIC IPC4x7D fanless embedded IPCs with 3rd generation Intel Core i7 processors and state-of-the-art PC technology are dimensioned for zero-maintenance 24-hour continuous operation. They offer maximum performance in the embedded area for complex communication tasks, for measuring, open- and closed-loop control or operation and monitoring with considerably reduced planning and evaluation expenditures.

SIMATIC IPC Remote Management

The SIMATIC IPC Remote Manager software package facilitates the realization of central service concepts based on remote access to SIMATIC IPCs by means of Intel Active Management Technology functions (Intel AMT). System or program errors can be rectified and BIOS and program updates executed for example via a control station and without on-site service works.

SIMATIC Industrial Thin Client

SIMATIC ITC Industrial Thin Clients represent powerful control terminals with high-resolution wide-screen touch displays in 12, 15, 19 and 22 inch formats. Their user-friendliness is particularly advantageous for the realization of distributed HMI solutions with client-server architecture, while their flexible applicability supports machine-level operation and monitoring as well as connection to control systems (SCADA).

Embedded Industrial PCs in Nano-format

The innovative long term available embedded industrial PCs are performance-optimized with Intel Atom processors, extremely compact and flexible and maintenance-free. They are ideal for simple control, visualization and communication tasks, and as data collectors. For rapid commissioning they are also available as turnkey bundles