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High-end industrial PC family of the latest generation

High-end industrial PC family of the latest generation

Siemens Industry Automation Division is launching a new generation of its high-end industrial PC family SIMATIC IPC for hostile industrial environments. The new devices of the D generation support the power multi-core processor types Intel Xeon and Intel Core i3 to Core i7 of the fourth generation. They are the first box, rack, and panel industrial PCs of that type on the market. The D devices have 60 to 180 percent higher CPU power than the predecessor models of the C generation. The HD on-board graphics integrated into the CPU with dynamic frequency now achieves three times higher graphics performance.

> More about the new High-end IPC family in this press release

Top performance industrial Rack PC at an attractive price

High-performance industrial PC SIMATIC IPC547E for demanding applications

The new SIMATIC IPC547E is equipped with high-performance Intel Core-i processors (4th generation), HD onboard graphics and fast random access memory. The 19” industrial Rack PC offers a 30% higher computing power compared to its predecessor, and triple graphics performance with a third less power loss. It is particularly suited as compact industrial workstation and server for fast, parallel processing of large data volumes in industrial image processing, process visualization, data collection and processing. RAID hard disk configurations with an additional hot-spare hard disk and redundant power supply provide high system availability and data security.

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SIMATIC IPC Remote Management Video

SIMATIC IPC Remote Manager

The SIMATIC IPC Remote Manager software package facilitates the realization of central service concepts based on remote access to SIMATIC IPCs by means of Intel Active Management Technology functions (Intel AMT).

System or program errors can be rectified and BIOS and program updates executed for example via a control station and without on-site service works.

More about in our > Video SIMATIC IPC Remote Management

SIMATIC Industrial Flat Panel for practical gesture and multi-touch operation

SIMATIC IFP1900 MT is the first industrial monitor with projected capacitive touch technology (PCT) for gesture and multi-touch operation.

The PCT technology enables efficient and fast operation, even when wearing thin protective gloves. The device with 19 inch widescreen display responds to gestures and operator actions with up to five fingers simultaneously.

More about > Industrial Flat Panel SIMATIC IFP1900 MT

SIMATIC WinCC V7.2 supports the use of multiouch gestures with 2 fingers. What kind of multitouch gestures are supported and how to configure these is demonstrated by the new tipps & tricks (videos): > WinCC multitouch gestures configuration and engineering

SIMATIC Industrial Thin Client for distributed HMI solutions

SIMATIC Industrial Thin Client für dezentrale HMI-Lösungen

SIMATIC ITC Industrial Thin Clients represent powerful control terminals with high-resolution wide-screen touch displays in 12, 15, 19 and 22 inch formats.
Their user-friendliness is particularly advantageous for the realization of distributed HMI solutions with client-server architecture.
They can be used flexibly via RDP, VNC, WEB and Sm@rtServer connection.

More about in our Videos > Industrial Thin Client SIMATIC ITC (Youtube Playlist)

Fanless embedded industrial PCs with 3rd gen. Intel Core i7 processors

Fanless embedded industrial PCs with 3rd gen. Intel Core i7 processors

The fanless embedded industrial PCs for use in tough industrial environments are equipped with powerful PC technology and third-generation Intel Core i7 processors. The Microbox PC SIMATIC IPC427D and the Panel PC SIMATIC IPC477D are designed for maintenance-free
24-hour continuous use, as well as for stringent requirements regarding temperature, vibration, shock and EMC. The flexibly configurable and expandable units are suitable for demanding, maintenance-free automation solutions, mounted directly on the machine, for example, in wind power or solar plants or in tire manufacture.

The Microbox PC offers flexible installation options. > More about SIMATIC IPC427D

The Panel PC has industrial touchscreen displays in widescreen format, with screen sizes from 12" diagonal. > More about SIMATIC IPC477D

New industrial monitors and Thin Clients in widescreen format

New industrial Flat Panel monitors and industrial Thin Clients in widescreen format

The new highly efficient industrial monitors and thin clients are available as terminals or operating and monitoring devices with touch screen or key-operated fronts, with display diagonals ranging from 12 to 22 inches. The devices are used for machine-level operator control and monitoring, as well as for linking to remote control or SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems.

Industrial Flat Panel SIMATIC IFP are suitable for connection to industrial PCs at distances of up to 30 meters. > More about SIMATIC IFP

Industrial Thin Clients SIMATIC ITC can be used for distributed solutions involving long distances and multiple stations. > More about SIMATIC ITC

Multitouch Gestures - Interactive Operation Concepts with SIMATIC

Multi-touch concept - new ideas for innovative operation

A design study presents new ideas for innovative operation which Siemens showcased at this year's Hannover trade fair.
A flat panel with continuous glass front and projected capacitive touch technology allows operation with several fingers at the same time. The demonstration shows selected examples for integrated Multitouch functions which are designed to support an intuitive operation with SIMATIC WinCC even better in the future. The design study is intended to encourage discussions with users on key questions regarding the equipment of Multitouch HMI devices to industry standards and to shed more light on Multitouch implementation in the WinCC Runtime and Engineering system.

More about in our > Video Multitouch Gestures - Interactive Operation Concepts with SIMATIC

Integration of MATLAB/Simulink into PC-based automation

Integration of MATLAB/Simulink into PC-based automation

MATLAB/Simulink is increasingly in use in automation systems in the development and simulation of complex open-loop and closed-loop control algorithms. Using the IMATIC WinAC S2O Wizard, these modules can be integrated directly into a PC-based automation solution in just a few steps. In this way, a PID controller can be created with MATLAB/Simulink and used in the PC-based controllers with the SIMATIC WinAC RTX (F) software controller.

> Detailed application example, example projects and free download of the WinAC S2O Wizard

Video: Experience SIMATIC IPC Quality

Trust is good, quality is better!
To ensure reliable compliance with technical specifications and CE/UL conformity, SIMATIC industrial PCs are developed and produced in-house by Siemens in Germany to the highest standards of quality. Internal test laboratories and more than 50 tests guarantee the products’ high quality.

Convince yourself.

More about in our > Video SIMATIC IPC Quality (short version)

More about in our > Video SIMATIC IPC Quality (long version)

Video: Experience SIMATIC Nano IPC

The innovative long term available embedded industrial PCs are performance-optimized with Intel Atom E6x0 processors, extremely compact and flexible and maintenance-free. They are ideal for simple control, visualization and communication tasks, and as data collectors. For rapid commissioning they are also available as turnkey bundles.

More about in our > Video SIMATIC Nano IPC

SIMATIC HMI Devices for Hazardous areas

SIMATIC HMI Devices for Hazardous areas (Achema 2012)

SIMATIC HMI Devices for hazardous areas can be used directly in hazardous zones 1/21 and 2/22 without the need for special measures such as complex and expensive enclosures or additional certification processes.

More about in our > Podcast Achema 2012 (Youtube)

Universal high-end solution for the industry

Universal high-end solution for the industry

With SIMATIC PC-based Automation, Siemens customers can easily expand SPS functionality to a high-performance level thanks to the complete integration of the PC world and S7 program with PC resources such as hardware or software.

Learn more about Simatic PC-Based Automation:
> Blog Hanover Fair

Siemens delivers its 1,000,000th Industry PC

Siemens delivers its 1,000,000th Industry PC

Siemens has achieved another success in PC-based Automation! At the Siemens Industry booth, a prize was awarded for the sales of its 1,000,000th Industry PC.

Winfried Hils, head of Research and Development, System Technology, at HOMAG, received the prize.

More about in our > Blog Hanover Fair

Podcast: SIMATIC HMI - Widescreen displays in industrial use

Podcast New Widescreen displays (click to play)

The innovative products from Siemens with widescreen fronts SIMATIC Nano IPC, Thin Client and Flat Panel have been awarded with the renowned iF product design award 2012. The compact Nanopanel PC is available for central solutions. The Industrial Flat Panel or the Industrial Thin Client can be used for decentral solutions.

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More about Widescreen displays >

Application example on PC-based automation

Application example on PC-based automation

The basic structure of a PC-based automation solution is shown based on the example of a SIMATIC IPC427C and the WinAC RTX software controller. The way in which a SIMATIC industrial PC can be used in automation technology is illustrated, from installation and setup of the hardware and software, through programming, all the way to connecting the I/O.

> More about application example on PC-based automation

Multimedia-based guideline for PC-based Automation

Multimedia-based guideline for PC-based Automation

In 15 chapters, the new “PC-based Getting Started” multimedia-based guideline provides illustrative tips for an introduction to PC-based automation. The approach is shown step-by-step, including important details concerning first configuration and engineering. With spoken text, a realistic animation leads the user through the contents, making them easy to follow.

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> Download of all chapters as Zip file