SIMATIC HMI for hazardous areas


SIMATIC HMI for hazardous areas

In many industries, the manufacture, processing, transport or storage of combustible materials results in the creation or release of gases, vapors or mist into the environment. Other processes create combustible dust. An explosive atmosphere can form in conjunction with the oxygen in the air, resulting in an explosion if ignited.

The new SIMATIC HMI Panel PC Ex OG is designed in IP66 degree of protection and can withstand extreme temperatures from –40 °C to +65 °C. This means it is ideally suited for the extreme environmental conditions often encountered in the chemical, oil or gas industry. Above all, it can be used directly in hazardous areas of Zones 1/21 and 2/22 without elaborate special housings or cumbersome certification procedures. The SIMATIC HMI Panel PC Ex is available with either a 22 "display (16:9) or 15" display (4:3). On the inside, a fast Intel Core i7 processor is complemented by 8 GB of RAM and 300 GB SSD.

Design and function

The slim PC has an extremely rugged enclosure that has been designed to withstand high vibration and shock loads. The capacitive glass display offers a high level of protection from scratches and damages. It has multi-touch capability and can even be operated with thin gloves. It also offers automatic brightness control and is glare-free even in direct sunlight.

Diverse accessories

In addition, the SIMATIC HMI Panel PC Ex OG comes with VESA mounting and can thus be mounted in a variety of ways. It can also be configured with wall mounting, a desktop stand or floor stand. Options such as camera, Bluetooth, WLAN and an internal RFID reader are also available.

Intrinsically safe devices for operator control and monitoring in EX Zones

SIMATIC HMI Panel PC Ex and SIMATIC HMI Thin Client Ex can be used directly in hazardous zones 1/21 and 2/22 without the need for special measures such as complex and expensive enclosures or additional certification processes. Furthermore the units are capable of withstanding considerable vibrations and shocks and have been certified for use in shipbuilding.

In addition SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels can be used in EX Zone 2 hazardous areas without additional housings. ATEX 2/22 Certification is scheduled and already available for TP700 / 900/ 1200 Comfort, as well as KP700 Comfort.