Highest expandability, computing power and functionality for the industrial environment

With the latest Intel processor architecture of the 8th generation (Xeon, Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3), SIMATIC IPC847E offers the most powerful PC technology in a newly developed industrial design.

Rugged and extremely expandable with up to 11 slots, SIMATIC IPC847E offers high investment protection thanks to its outstanding long-term availability. In addition, it ensures reliable operation in especially harsh industrial environments, e.g. that experience a high pollution, temperatures or shock.

In addition, the advanced housing design of the SIMATIC IPC847E is compatible with its predecessors. This means that it can also be used in existing systems without additional expense.

Thanks to its high system availability, computing power and PCI Express technology, SIMATIC IPC847E is the perfect platform for high-performance applications such as high-end industrial image processing for quality inspection, reliable platform for SCADA systems or production-related data acquisition and processing.

SIMATIC IPC847E at a glance

Latest technology and maximum performance

Impressive service friendliness

High system and data availability

Multi-monitoring and flexibility

Industrial functionality at an attractive price

Flexible implementation

Security information

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