SIMATIC Flat Panel Monitors

Tried and tested 4:3 LCD monitors for industrial applications

SIMATIC Flat Panels are fully industrial LCD monitors with bright TFT displays that can be connected to any SIMATIC IPC and almost all standard PCs. The TFT LCD is protected by a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective mineral glass screen and also available with an optional touch-sensor for the direct process control.


Standard variants

  • Bright TFT display with a large viewing angle

  • Available as pure display or with optional touch screen

  • 5 m maximum distance to computing unit

  • VGA and DVI-D interfaces

  • 24V and 100-240V power supply

  • Suited to installation in the machine, in control cabinets, consoles and gantries or in 19" racks.

  • Protection rate IP65/NEMA 4 (front when mounted)

  • Vibration load during operation 1 g

  • Shock load during operation 5 g

Additional Features of Extended Variants

  • 30 m maximum distance to computing unit

  • 2 USB-Interfaces on the back of the device

  • Background lighting can be dimmed

  • Combined power supply: 24V(DC) and 100-240V (AC)

  • Certificates for ship building

  • Possible Inclination for mounting in a console extended to 70°

Device variants

Article No.

SIMATIC Flat Panel 15 inch, DC 24 V


SIMATIC Flat Panel 15 inch DC 24V/AC100-240V


SIMATIC Flat Panel 15 inch Touch DC 24V


SIMATIC Flat Panel 15 inch Touch DC 24V/AC100-240V


SIMATIC Flat Panel 15 inch extended


SIMATIC Flat Panel 15 inch Touch extended


SIMATIC Flat Panel 19 inch, DC 24 V


SIMATIC Flat Panel 19 inch DC 24V/AC100-240V


SIMATIC Flat Panel 19 inch Touch DC 24V


SIMATIC Flat Panel 19 inch Touch DC 24V/AC100-240V


SIMATIC Flat Panel 19 inch extended


SIMATIC Flat Panel 19 inch Touch extended