More ruggedness and system availability

More ruggedness and industrial suitability

Already the product design meets the high demands placed on industrial compatibility. SIMATIC IPCs stand out due to the following special characteristics:    

  • Mainboards developed in-house

  • Rugged enclosure designs with high electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and degrees of protection up to IP65/NEMA 4

  • Integrated industrial power supplies (in accordance with NAMUR)

  • High-quality components with high MTBF, which also facilitate 24-hour operation even in the extended temperature range

  • High vibration/shock resistance thanks to special hard disk holders

  • Lockable plug connectors and card retainers

  • Installed and activated Microsoft operating systems for time savings during installation

  • Service-friendly, modular device design for the fast replacement of defective components

  • Restore CD/DVD for restoration of the delivery state

More system availability

The consequential costs of system failures and downtimes areessential aspects when assessing an automation solution'stotal cost of ownership (TCO). Thanks to their product featuresand numerous optional products, SIMATIC IPCs sustainably ensurea high system availability and decisively contribute to thereduction of consequential costs – for maximum productivityand efficiency.

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