More product diversity and selection options

More product diversity

SIMATIC IPCs are available with large product diversity in various designs and with different functionalities:

  • Rack PCs - versatile and powerful in 19" design  > more   

  • Box PCs - compact and rugged for universal applications  > more  

  • Panel PCs - rugged and powerful with brilliant displays  > more

SIMATIC monitors and Thin Clients are available for distributed operator control and monitoring.
Special requirements are fulfilled by HMI devices with allround protection, devices with stainless steel fronts and intrinsically safe devices for hazardous areas.

And with Customized Automation, you get individual products and systems – precisely tailored to your requirements. This saves you time, improves your profitability and increases your competitive advantage.  > more about customized automation

More individual selection options

The TIA Selection Tool supports you with selecting processors, memory configurations, drives, add-on cards, and pre-installed, already activated operating systems. A wizard also enables selection according to technical requirements or type of application.
To order, you can export your configuration direct to the cart of the Industry Mall or the CA 01.
> Start TIA Selection Tool