More networking options with PROFINET onboard


For easy integration in PROFINET networks and consistently realtime-capable communication from the corporate level down to the field level, the new SIMATIC IPCs optionally offer PROFINET onboard. Realtime, IT communication as well as TCP/IP are thus possible on a single line.


The intelligent controller architecture with integrated 3-port switch facilitates the flexible and easy assembly of line and tree topologies. The integration of existing field bus systems, e.g. PROFIBUS, is supported. The integrated PROFINET interface of the SIMATIC PCs can be used for:   

  • Direct connection of distributed I/Os and drives, for example with WinAC RTX as controller   

  • Use as additional standard Windows interface via the integrated switch, e.g. for TCP/IP communication or visualization applications with WinCC flexible

Compared to conventional solutions, PROFINET reduces costs for the installation and integration of system components by 30 to 35 %.


  • The PROFINET onboard interface saves one slot, which can be used for other PC cards   

  • The intelligent controller architecture (ERTEC 400) improves the PC system performance by reducing the processor load   

  • Full support of the software PLC WinAC RTX 2008   

  • Optimized integration of SIMATIC PCs in PROFINET configuration (STEP 7 and NCM-PC)    

  • Efficient self-diagnostics via status LEDs for eased commissioning and diagnostics

SIMATIC IPCs can be easily embedded in PROFINET networks via the PROFINET interface with integrated 3-port switch.

Realtime communication
PROFINET meets all realtime requirements relevant for automation applications and is used for time-critical process data, e.g. for cyclic user data or event-controlled alarms. For this purpose, PROFINET uses an optimized realtime communication channel. This minimizes throughput times and accelerates process data updates.

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